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KSJ research group aims to develop and characterize novel functional nanomaterials. We mainly study the low-dimensional nanomaterials such as colloidal quantum dots. We synthesize the novel materials and measure the optical, electrical and magnetic properties using various methods. Performing both synthesis and characterization enables us to clearly understand the underlying photophysical and photochemical phenomena occurring in novel nanomaterials. Especially, we are interested in the steady-state intraband and interband transitions occurring between discrete electronic states of the low-dimensional nanomaterials, and explore potential applications. 


"Ultrafast intraband Auger process in self-doped colloidal quantum dots"

Matter2021, in press

We present an unprecedented ultrafast intraband Aguer process, electron relaxation between spin-orbit coupling states, and exciton-to-ligand vibrational energy transfer process that all occur exclusively in the CB of the self-doped β-HgS CQDs.


​KSJ delivered the invited talk at nanoGe Fall meeting 2020, and Gahyeon & Dongsun presented posters at the same conference! It is always great to share our recent results with scientists all around the world!

  nanoGe Fall meeting 2020에서 정광섭 교수님께서 초청강연을 김가현, 최동선 학생이 포스터 발표를 진행하였습니다.



우리 연구실은 화합물의 물리적인 성질을 연구하는 연구자들이 모였습니다. 적외선 퀀텀닷 등의 저차원 반도체 물질 연구에 관심있는 열정적인 대학원생과 전자소자 전공 postdoc을 모집 중입니다.

Available position:  Post-doc  1명 (2021년)

                                  대학원생    3명 (2021년 2학기)

                                    학부연구생  00명

We have open positions for passionate graduate students and postdocs with background in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and material science and engineering.

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