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Research Highlight

KSJ research group aims to develop and characterize novel functional materials. 

We synthesize novel materials and measure optical, electrical, magnetic, and chemical properties using various methods. Performing both synthesis and characterization enables us to clearly understand the underlying photophysical and photochemical phenomena. Also, we fabricate QLED and infrared photodetectors.


i) Steady-state intraband and interband transitions of Quantum Dots

ii) QLED and IR QD Photodetector

iii) Quantum Plasmon Resonance of Nanocrystals


iii) Infrared lasing nanomaterials


"Narrow bandgap silver mercury telluride alloy semiconductor nanocrystal for self-powered midwavelength-infrared photodiode"

Communications Materials 2024, 5, 60

Controlling the doping density of the quantum dot solid and engineering the device structure require an extremely sophisticated technique, which hinders consistent doping density and restricts further development in understanding the fundamental photophysics and manufacturing process. Here, we report an air-stable and highly reproducible MWIR CQDs photodiode by incorporating synthesized p-doped Ag-HgTe colloidal nanocrystals (NCs). The Ag-HgTe alloy NCs allow clearly defined p-doped QDs layers, leading to uniform dopant distribution and the ease of engineering device fabrication. By optimizing the doping density, we achieved an average noise equivalent temperature difference of below 10 mK at 78 K with the self-powered MWIR photodiode sensor.

Congratulations, Professor Kwang Seob Jeong has been recognized for his research on quantum dots and has been named a "2024 Pioneering Investigator" by the journal Chemical Communications!

정광섭 교수님께서 양자점에 대한 연구에 대한 공로를 인정받아 Chemical Communication 저널에서 "2024 pioneering investigator"로 선정되셨습니다!


우리는 반도체 나노입자 및 적외선 물질을 연구하는 연구자들입니다. 반도체 입자 합성/반도체 레이저/적외선 디텍터 및 IR-QLED 연구에 관심있는 대학원생과 실험물리화학, 소재합성 또는  광전자/센서소자를 전공한 post-doc을 모집 중입니다.(2024)

Available position(2024년 2학기)

         : + 대학원생 + 학부연구생 + 박사후연구원

              + 테크니션(석사학위이상) 

We have open positions for passionate graduate students, technicians, and postdocs with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, material science, and electrical engineering.

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